Make it simple and cheap for your customers to use Mobile Money

3 Reasons Why A Mobile Money Payment Solution Will Increase Your Sales Revenue

You’ve developed a wonderful product. It’s designed to give your valued customers comfort, convenience, security or flexibility. You’ve marketed it successfully and chosen a great location to sell it. The customer walks in. Your staff receive them warmly and professionally. The layout and ambience of your outlet is just right. The client picks up your products and moves to the checkout counter.

The end point of your customers’ experience, the point at which you make that sale should continue to present the same feeling of convenience and flexibility.

After all, nothing should hinder you from reaping the rewards of all your hard work.

Three reasons why a mobile payment solution will increase your sales revenue

  • Do you want repeat business and increased customer loyalty?

When a customer has had a fast and delightful experience at your checkout counter, they are likely to remember this and return. Even better, they will return with their friends and family.

Walk in clients may not have enough cash to pay for goods and services. Win the sale, regardless, with the information that you will accept mobile money payments.

In the same way, say goodbye to the frustrating efforts to find change.

  • Do you wonder why you shouldn’t simply offer direct mobile money transfers?
  1. Using a payment solution will be cheaper for your clients, than using direct mobile money transfers.
  2. Using a payment solution will allow you to receive payments from all mobile money service providers and not limit you to a client’s specific provider.
  3. You will keep better records because you will be able to generate statements specific to these transactions. You also want to separate personal funds from company funds.
  4. A formal mobile money account for the company, advertised as such, will also give the client confidence in the legitimacy of the transaction.
Avoid January Blues


  • Do you want to attract new customers?

According to Bank of Uganda Annual Report 2016-2017 there are 22.8 million mobile money subscribers in Uganda. The year ending June 2017 saw over 52 Trillion shillings in mobile money transactions. Businesses, especially in retail need to make it as easy as possible for customers to carry out transactions using mobile money.

A mobile payments solution does just that. This is especially crucial if your business targets a young market because younger people are more inclined to opt for faster and more convenient payment methods.

Thankfully, companies like Yo! Uganda LTD provide a simple, easy to use mobile payment system for you and your clients to take advantage of.

Ensure that your business continues to provide flexibility to your valued customers and never miss a sale.

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