Yo! Committment to Fintech In Uganda; FITSPA Conference2021

Yo! Uganda is proud to have been one of the main sponsors of the just concluded FITSPA conference and exhibition. The event, which took place on 8th September 2021 was themed around: ‘Building a Safe and Regulated Ecosystem’.

As well as the 163 members of FITSPA, the conference brought together fintech players from the East African region, and across Africa.

One of the stated goals of the Financial Technology Service Providers Association of Uganda (FITSPA) is to bring together the fintech community in Uganda and encourage open dialogue.

Yo! Uganda Limited is a registered member of the association and our MD, Gerald Begumisa is a member on the FITSPA Board of Directors.

Begumisa: Fintechs have eased payments of school fees and tuition while at the same time allowing institutions to collect and track the trends of the payments

Begumisa: Fintechs have eased payments of school fees and tuition while at the same time allowing institutions to collect and track the trends of the payments

Fintech is the application of technology to products and services in the financial industry. Businesses are constantly carrying out a range of financial operations. There are payments to be processed, financial records to be kept and client transactions that must be handled speedily and securely.

In order to efficiently deliver services to their clients, companies are on the lookout for solutions that are convenient, safe, and simple to use. This is where financial technology (Fintech) comes in.

Fintech has evolved from its beginnings in computer technology to making use of the internet revolution and more recently powering mobile devices to take care of personal finance.

In Uganda, as in many developing countries, Fintech offers an opportunity for greater financial inclusion reaching individuals that traditional banking has historically struggled to reach.

Yo! Involvement in the Fintech Space

Yo Uganda Limited has been involved in the fintech space for more than 10 years, and is a winner of several industry innovation awards.

We were the first company to launch and profitably operate a multipurpose mobile payments aggregation service, having launched our payment platform in February 2011. Our aggregation systems have continued to offer SMS and USSD services to organisations in and outside Uganda.

With innovations that have introduced a number of services and products to Uganda’s fintech space, we are able to serve a wide range of industries.

Numerous organisations are using our services to securely and conveniently disburse funds directly to the mobile money wallets of multiple beneficiaries. Since 2015 we have been involved in digitizing agricultural value chains in Uganda.

Statement on Sponsorship

Sponsoring events such as the FITSPA conference and exhibition reiterates our commitment to the development of the Fintech industry in Uganda and Africa.

For more details on the just concluded FITSPA conference and exhibition: FITSPA Conference 2021

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