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Benefits of Mobile VAS to businesses

It is not a secret that most, if not all, businesses have the same goal of maximizing sales to increase profits. However, the nature of today’s competitive market makes it difficult for businesses to achieve the required sales. This provokes business owners to improvise additional value to their brand. This is where Mobile VAS solutions come in handy.

All mobile value added services have the same distinguishing qualities. First and foremost, they are not basic service offerings, but are additional options that expand a user’s communication capabilities. From a technical standpoint, they may work in conjunction with core services, or they may simply function as an added feature that does not diminish the standard services. When a value added service is provided as an accessory to core offerings, they typically charge a premium price.

For over ten years, we have worked with hundreds of organizations in and outside Uganda to extend our stable, dependable and scalable SMS, USSD and IVR aggregation services to power country-wide and localized for-profit and social campaigns.

Today, we look at the benefits of SMS, USSD and IVR services for your business.

Short Message Service
Benefits of SMS

  • Increase customer retention
  • Develop greater brand loyalty
  • Provide immediate communication
  • Attract new customers
  • Increase overall sales
  • Provide a profitable ROI

Unstructured supplementary service data (USSD)
Benefits of USSD

  • Surveys; USSD can be used in collecting customer feedback.
  • Voting; in this case it can be applied during polls for voting in real-time.
  • Financial Services; e.g. Mobile banking.
  • Utility Services; Here it can be used for bill query and payment purposes.
  • Product Promotion; Business retailers can use USSD to communicate special offers on products and can send discount
  • vouchers for next payment or purchases.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Benefits of IVR

  • Intelligent Call Routing; If optimized for your customer journey, it can lower abandon rates, reduce queue times for calls and provide tailored IVR call back options for times of particularly high call volume.
  • Improve Morale by Freeing Consultants from Mundane Task; An IVR can route routine calls and common questions, allowing callers to use IVR self-service and freeing up agents to handle more complex calls or questions via multiple channels
  • Support for Busy Times and Disaster Recovery; IVR contact center technology gives organizations options for their callers to self-serve and leave messages.
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction; If Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores are important to your organization, an IVR survey after each interaction will help to provide accurate satisfaction scores.
  • Improving the Customer Journey; IVRs provide clear messages that reflect the organization’s brand, providing an effective self-service tool.

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