How to become a Yo! Payments account holder

Yo! Payments is a revolutionary mobile payment aggregation service. Yo! Payments enable businesses to receive payments from their customers via mobile money, as well as make mobile money payments to any mobile money account holder.

Yo! Payments offers a rich API that enables seamless integration with websites, IVR services, SMS services, and any other medium through which businesses interact with their customers. Yo! Payments also offer an “internal transfer” service that enables account holders to cheaply transfer funds amongst each other.

Yo! Payments’ mission is to interconnect all mobile money providers and financial institutions WORLDWIDE, and provide Yo! Payments account holders with a unified method of receiving payments from any customer subscribed to any mobile money service provider or financial institution. What this means is that we intend to enable a Yo! Payments account holders to receive payments from their customers using MTN Mobile Money of MTN Uganda, M-PESA of Safaricom Kenya, or M-PESA of Tanzania, as well as send funds to mobile money subscribers of any network.

Yo! Payments opens the door for all types of businesses to benefit from the highly successful mobile money phenomenon. Start receiving mobile money payments for your services TODAY!

There are 3 simple steps to becoming a Yo! Payments account holder, as below:

Having completed the signup process, you are ready to transact with your Yo! Payments account! Note that by default, after completing the signup process, a Personal Account shall be created for your use automatically. You may upgrade your account to a Business Account by uploading scanned copies of the following documents to your account using the “Upload Document” feature in your account. Below is the list of documents required:

  • Scanned Copy of your Business’ Certificate of Incorporation or Equivalent Legal Document
  • Scanned Copy of a Proof-of-Address Document, in your Business’ name. For example, you may upload a recent utility bill (Electricity or Water) or your Trading License, if it indicates the location of your premises
  • Scanned Copy of Company Form 7 Clearly showing a list of Directors and their Addresses.
  • Signed letter on your company’s headed paper from the Managing Director authorizing use of the service (email payments@yo.co.ug for the draft)
  • Ifyou require access to the API, a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) (email payments@yo.co.ug for the draft)
  • BriefDescription of the Products and Services you intend to offer using the Business Account. For this, you may upload a PDF document with the information.

When done, send an email to the address payments@yo.co.ug. The subject of your email should be “Upgrade to Business Account”. Upgrade from a Personal Account to a Business Account takes no more than one business day.

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