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Yo! Uganda Limited: Our Products and Services

Yo-Uganda Limited (“Yo!”), incorporated in January 2006, is a technology company based in Uganda. Yo! leverages various mobile platforms to deliver payments solutions to financial institutions, large and small businesses, and individuals.

Yo! was the first company to launch and profitably operate a multipurpose mobile payments aggregation service in Uganda, Yo! Payments, in 2010, and has continued to be at the forefront of developing financial technology solutions for business.

Through its Yo! Payments platform, the company provides full support for Mobile Money services including integrations with several banks, utilities, and customers wishing to make and accept payments through all mobile networks currently active in Uganda. Apart from mobile money, other mobile platforms leveraged include SMS, USSD, and IVR enabling businesses to accept payments through Point of Sale devices, Mobile Applications (Apps), and web transactions.

Yo! Uganda offers a range of services which include the following;

Merchant Payments
In Uganda and across the world, online payments, and credit and debit card payments are becoming popular every other day, while cash and checks are continually decreasing in value. A merchant or any payment system that allows account holders to accept payments in numerous ways (usually debit or credit cards) can help you add value to your business.


We enable businesses of all sizes to securely accept Mobile Money payments for their goods and services through any channel of their choice, depending on their needs. Several hundreds of merchants rely on us for the Mobile Payments processing.

Bulk Payments
A bulk payment is a system that allows a company/individual to make debit payments to multiple beneficiaries. For instance, payouts. Meanwhile, a bulk list is the list of beneficiaries that the creditor intends to pay from a single account. The creditor’s bank statement reflects this bulk transfer as a single payment.

Fintech players like Yo! Uganda have more user-friendly solutions for bulk payment processing. They are faster, highly scalable, and offer higher security. Many businesses use bulk payments on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Yo! Uganda

Numerous organizations are using our Bulk Payments service to securely and conveniently disburse funds directly to the mobile money wallets of multiple beneficiaries. Our platform supports some of the most sophisticated security features.

Branchless Banking
We are enabling Financial Institutions to reduce costs by accepting deposits from their customers directly from their Mobile Money wallets as well as transmitting withdrawals directly to their Mobile Money wallets.

Mobile Banking
Now more than ever, it’s essential to be able to conduct some tasks remotely, such as banking, instead of visiting a physical location. So, whether you are new to mobile banking or not, chances are you can learn something from this look at the benefits of mobile banking.

Contactless and cashless payment through qr code and mobile banking

Financial institutions using our Mobile Banking product are realizing numerous benefits such as reduced cost of engagement, additional revenue streams, and increased customer loyalty.

Value Added Services (VAS) refer to the non-core services offered in the telecom sector. All services apart from standard voice calls and fax transmissions are considered VAS. These services can be used to promote an operator’s primary business.

digital composite of smart devices with coffee on table with graphics

VAS spurs mobile subscribers to increasingly use their mobile devices in order to allow the operator to pull up their average revenue per user.

For more than 10 years, hundreds of organizations in and outside Uganda have relied on our stable, dependable, and scalable SMS, USSD, and IVR aggregation services to power country-wide and localized for-profit and social campaigns.

Custom Software Development
Custom software development is the process of designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions, or organizations.


Innovation is our lifeblood. We never shy away from the challenge of creating the status quo or inventing the next “state of the art”. We actively seek opportunities to assert our status as the leading innovators in Uganda.

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