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6 Benefits of FinTech for Startups

FinTech companies help small business owners and startups by providing them with credit and technological advancement. In this blog, we are going to dig deeper to know how FinTech companies help these businesses.

What do FinTech companies do?
FinTech is the abbreviated form of Financial Technology is a range of financial services software that is used by companies to automate traditional financial methods. For instance, for us as Yo! Uganda Limited, our services include merchant payments, bulk payments, branchless banking, mobile banking, mobile VAS, and custom software development.

How FinTech Companies Help a Startup Grow?
FinTech companies develop technologies that allow business owners to manage and control actions like accepting payments, paying bills, and using other financial services to their advantage. Earlier with the lack of these technologies and other facilities provided by FinTech, startups didn’t have many ways to grow their businesses.

Furthermore, they only had banks as a source of capital which was used to look for the credibility and the scope of these companies in the future market. This made the process more complex and difficult for a company that is in its initial stage. With the FinTech solutions in the market, startups now have more options and ways in which they can work towards growth.

Importance of FinTech Companies
However, it is hard for startups to grow and make a reputation in today’s world with all the competition and a large number of startups launching every year. Hence, it is important for them to opt for ways that bring ease to their functioning and help them grow effectively/efficiently. FinTech companies play a major role in this. Mentioned below are some of the importance of the presence of FinTech solutions in the (modern) market;

  • Anyone having an internet connection can access FinTech solutions all over the world
  • FinTech solutions are comparatively cheaper than their counterparts
  • Moreover, the usage of various technologies makes the process in a company automated
  • Furthermore, these systems are flexible in nature as they do not demand too many documents and they provide lending to new and very small businesses
  • Also, the use of modern technologies adds to the reason startups choose them
  • Henceforth, FinTech companies provide a better customer experience

FinTech companies ease the process of managing a business by using automation technologies, less documentation, providing lending, expense tracking and invoicing, usage of various tools, and by providing a range of FinTech products and services. These services help startups to grow.

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