About Yo!

Delivering Increased Efficiency, Reduced Costs, Accelerated Growth and Increased Profitability

WebImageYo Uganda Limited (Yo!) is a technology solutions company based in Uganda. We develop solutions geared at delivering significant operational benefits to our customers such as increased efficiency in processes, reduced costs, accelerated growth, increased profitability.

Our solutions leverage various mobile platforms such as Mobile Money, SMS, USSD and IVR to deliver value to our customers. For example, our solutions enable some of the largest businesses in Uganda accept mobile money payments through Point of Sale devices, Mobile Applications or the Web. Our customers include financial institutions, NGOs, SMEs and even individuals.

Leading the way in Digital Financial Services

YO!-AwardArtwork_Final-01-resizedWe were the first company to launch and profitably operate a multi-purpose mobile payments aggregation service, called Yo! Payments, accessible from the website https://payments.yo.co.ug/ , which we launched in February 2011.

Yo! Payments is an awards winning, fully operational mobile money payments and mobile commerce aggregation system, currently servicing a multitude of accounts. It provides full support for Mobile Money services across most of the mobile networks in Uganda including airtime transfer, integrating with several banks, utilities and over 1000 customers that wish to use Uganda’s mobile money networks to accept and/or make payments. Processing hundreds of thousands of transactions monthly, we are the largest general purpose Mobile Money Aggregator in Uganda.

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