Products & Services

Merchant Payments
YoIcons_MERCHANTPAYMENTSWe enable businesses of all sizes to securely accept Mobile Money payments for their goods and services through any channel of their choice, depending on their needs. We offer the most comprehensive merchant payments solution in the market. Our customers have the choice of a POS solution, USSD (mobile) application and website integration, depending on their specific needs.

We provide merchants an intuitive graphical interface through which to monitor incoming payments, as well as settle funds to their bank accounts or mobile money wallets. Furthermore, merchants are able to generate useful reports and carry out SMS campaigns, adding value to their business.

Bulk Payments
YoIcons_BULKPAYMENTSNumerous organizations are using our services to securely and conveniently disburse funds directly to the Mobile Money wallets of multiple beneficiaries. Our Bulk Payments service enables proper checking and authorization of transactions prior to payments, through a maker-checker methodology. Different individuals within the organization may be assigned the “maker” role (ability to initiate bulk payment requests), and other individuals assigned the “checker” role (ability to authorize bulk payment requests).

Through detailed, downloadable reports, organizations are able to fulfill their paper trail requirements and store hard-copy records of transactions. A notable component of the bulk payments system is the Beneficiary Database function, which enables organizations upload and categorize lists of beneficiaries such that bulk payments may be made without need for uploading files each time.

Mobile Banking
YoIcons_MOBILEBANKINGOur Mobile Banking product enables Financial Institutions offer their customers a means of accessing their bank accounts using their mobile phones. Our Mobile Banking product supports several banking operations including Balance Check, Statement Request, Funds Transfer, Transaction Alerts et cetera.

Our product is enabling financial institutions realize numerous benefits including reduced cost of engagement, additional revenue streams, increased customer loyalty, increased security through transaction alerts to mention but a few.

YoIcons_MOBILEVASFor more than 10 years, we have been offering SMS, USSD and IVR aggregation services to over 100 organizations in and outside Uganda. Our aggregation systems are capable of efficiently and seamlessly managing numerous applications and millions of messages.

In addition to licensing our technology to them, we have provided several organizations in Uganda and in nearly 10 other African countries with consultancy services in regard to negotiating and establishing interconnection arrangements with local Mobile Network Operators as well as Regulatory assistance in the acquisition of short codes and long codes.

Custom Software Development
YoIcons_CUSTOMSOFTWAREDEVELOPMENT_Innovation is our life blood. At Yo!, we never shy away from the challenge of creating the status quo or inventing the next “state of the art”. In fact, we actively seek out all opportunities to assert our established status as the leading innovators in Uganda.

For more than 10 years, we have delivered new and innovative solutions to numerous organizations in Uganda and 10 other countries, many of which have become trend-setting applications. Our customers rely on us for sound development expertise, quality assurance and dependable support.

Branchless Banking
YoIcons_CUSTOMSOFTWAREDEVELOPMENT_We are enabling financial institutions accept deposits from their customers directly from their Mobile Money wallets as well as process withdrawals directly to their Mobile Money wallets, without the customer having to visit a physical bank branch.

Dubbed the “Push & Pull Service”, we providing a secure, interoperable link between the Financial Institutions and Mobile Money networks. This has proven highly popular for both regular transactions (deposits & withdrawals) as well as loan-related payments.